Corporate Compliance in the human services industry, coding, documentation, & revenue cycle expert. A responsive, practical human service consulting firm specializing in all areas of an effective compliance program.


Technical assistance, interim staffing, organizational risk assessments, analysis and recommendations, training and consultation.


Passionate leader and creative entrepreneur. Taking high-level ideas to fully executed, successful project completions.

ICD-DSM Curriculum

Coding, Documentation, & Revenue Cycle Trainings

13,000+ trained. Textbook sales for Coding and Documentation Compliance for the ICD & DSM: A Comprehensive Guide for Clinicians (here).  Coding, billing, & compliance trainings. Taking short-cuts in any part of these operations is NOT advised! Smile

Healthcare Compliance

Healthcare Compliance

From Auditing and Monitoring for FWA to ensuring all policies and procedures updated and operational, effective compliance programs are required for all healthcare providers. Risk assessments, 245G, Rule 29, HIPAA and other regulatory guidance policy SME who can help you improve your clinical operations to support compliance and organizational objectives.

EHR Assessments, Selections, and Implementations

Fully Leverage Your EHR

Knowing how to fully leverage and use your EHR can maximize your ROI. EHR's can produce reports that help you meet KPI's, organizational metrics or goals. Sometimes, it is as simple as designing the right custom report! 

IT Assessments for Human Services

IT Assessments for Human Services

Manual processes? Too many software programs? Get a thorough IT Assessment with recommendations based on your strategic plan!

Kisangaji Project

Since 2008, Lisette has been actively helping the residents of Kisangaji, Tanzania
with their educational, healthcare, and infrastructure needs.

Kisangaji Project website

Project Website